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Electronic Global Health Information System


eGHIS is a Health Insurance membership and claims management system.

HCG developed eGHIS in 1997 as a membership and claims management system. In that time, the system has been used to manage the health insurance for over 250,000 people throughout South East Asia.

The package has been refined through several revisions adding extra functionality and allowing for growing business requirements.

eGHIS Application Features

Third Party Administration (TPA)

The eGHIS package was developed with the intention of being used in a Third Party Administration (TPA) situation, where the organization running the software would administer one or more other organizations insurance products.


eGHIS loads all of the captions for each screen as it loads from the database. This means that if a caption is not suitable, it can be changed in the field without any programming changes.

This is particularly of benefit when the business changes and the application needs minor changes to improve its business fit or when the system needs to be used by people who speak different languages.

Audit Trail

As data is entered in eGHIS, a history is kept of each database update, this can be useful for:

Training To see if data entry operators are working efficiently, if not, this can highlight extra training requirements.
Error analysis When a mistake is found, if the history is reviewed, the cause of the error can often be found. This helps with identifying if problems are systemic within the system or data entry errors.
Audit Show how a record got to its current state, who performed each update and when.

The audit trail is viewable on line by all users at any time.

Diary Notes

The Diary Notes feature in eGHIS provides:

  • Notes can be attached to all records.
  • Notes record who created them and when they were created.
  • Notes can have a completion date when the allocated user needs to mark the note as closed (i.e. use a reminder to yourself or to another user).
  • Notes that you need to respond to will appear in your eGHIS “in-tray”.
  • If needed, notes can be allocated to a group of users, rather than an individual user (e.g. a note to the audit department could be attached to a claim).
  • Notes can have external documents attached such as Doctors reports, scans of claim forms, scan of medical certificates etc.

The goal here is to include a cut down imaging and workflow system right inside the eGHIS application.


eGHIS has a extensive user guide that is used as the basis of of the training sessions.


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