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ezyLog / eShiftLog / STAIRS --- Example Screens & Reports

Events Screen

The events screen is used to provide a graphical display and entry of the events that occurred on a given shift:


Shift Screen

The shift screen is used to display and enter shift information. The screen layout is:


Seven Day Report

The Seven Day report is a single page snapshot of the terminal activity in the last week:


The 7-Day Graphical Report Set provides a highly graphical quick snapshot of the business in a set of related charts:

  • Control chart displayed with containers per hour up the left hand side and the days (and shifts) of the week on the X axis.
  • A compacted Gantt chart shows which cranes were used and their delays.
  • The vessels in port are also shown in a Gantt chart format.
  • Crane working hours are shown for each shift.
  • Number of containers exchanged for each shift is shown.
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